Frequently Asked Questions

Posting on Wabitz

What is Wabitz?

Wabitz is a service for people to communicate, express themselves, and stay connected through posts, polls, discussions, and messages. People may make posts, which can contain photos, links, and text or they may publish polls. Posts and polls are posted to your profile, sent to your feeds, and are searchable on Wabitz. Similarly, people may create and participate in discussions with other users of the service. Users can also create events and form groups with other uses around a topic, cause, or shared interest.

What is needed to use Wabitz?

All you need to use Wabitz is a phone or computer and an internet connection. Once you’ve created an account, you can begin finding and befriending or following other users who’s posts interest you. We’ll recommend users, posts, and discussions that might be of interest.  

What's a Post?

A Post is any message posted to your timeline on Wabitz, and can contain photos, links including embedded media, and text. You can make the posts private, public, or available only to your friends and followers. 

What's a Poll?

A poll is a way to engage your followers or the public by asking questions. You can see where other users stand on an issue when they respond to one of the choices you provide. This is also a great way to start dicussions or get opinions on a topic of interest. 

What's a Discussion?

Whereas posts are typically used to share news or update people about you or your organization, dicussions are primarily designed to engage other users in conversation and debate. Unlike posts, which primarily go to your timeline and followers, discussions are open to public response and available on the sites forums.

How do I create a Post, Poll, or Discussion?

When logged in, you can add posts, polls, and discussions from your homepage. 

How do I add an Event or Group?

Events and Groups can be created from the Events and Group pages, respectively. This is also where you’ll find other Events and Groups to join. You can interact with others who have joined the same events and groups.

What's a Reshare?

A Reshare is a Post that you forward to the feeds of your own followers. When you see something that is especially entertaining or newsworthy, you’ll want to let others know.

How do I post a picture to Wabitz?

When you add a post, you can click the camera icon to choose a photo from your device. It will be added to your post. It’s quite simple really, just don’t forget to click submit after you upload it.

How do I add a link to my Post?

You can add a link to a post, by clicking the link icon when you add a post. Then, when you publish a post, we’ll add a preview of the video or webpage that you are linking to. At the present time, adding a link directly in a post will not show a preview, so we encourage you to use the link button when linking to outside resources.

Can I edit a Post once I've posted it?

Yes, if you made a mistake you can edit your post. Just click the three dots in the top right corner of your post and choose edit.  Then, you can make the changes. Typos, happen. Our slogan No Autocorrect Here, doesn’t mean you can’t fix your mistakes, it just means we will never change your post by adding labels when you make a mistake by identifying it as misleading or inaccurate as some other social networks do. 

Who reads my status updates?

Your status updates, which we often refer to as posts, are read by your followers. If they are public, anyone who views the public feed or runs a search for they keyword will be able to see that message. If you want fewer people to see the Post, you can change the privacy setting of your Posts. Posts on Wabitz are Public by default. So, if you are hesitant to have others read your updates, you’ll want to adjust the privacy settings.  

Can I share content on other Social Networks?

Sure, if you’d like to. We have buttons to make sharing to Facebook and Twitter easy. But you’re welcome to share anything on Wabitz that interests you on all your favorite channels. 

Can we develop apps that integrate with Wabitz?

Hopefully Soon! We are working on an API for developers. It’s not quite ready yet, but we’ll update this page when it is. We already allow you to login with your credentials from many of the web’s most popular sites. 

Following and Friending People on Wabitz

What does it mean to follow or friend someone?

Wabitz allows you to Friend and Follow other users. Following someone means you've chosen to subscribe to their Wabitz updates. When they Post something new to their Profile Timeline, it will appear on your Personal Feed. When you add someone as a friend, you can more easily interact with and message them. In addition, you’ll appear on each other list of friends. 

How do I find people to follow?

After you create an account, you can search for people by name or location. You can also find active people on your Public Timeline, in discussions, or in shared groups and events. 

How can I see those I follow or that follow me?

After you click or tap the Follow button on someone’s profile, you’re following them. You can similarly follow channels and organizations. To see a list of the people you are following or that follows you can click on the following / followers link from your homepage. 

How can I see my friends and relationships?

After you click or tap the Friend button on someone’s profile, you’ll send them a friend request, which they can choose to accept. To see a list of the people you are friends with, you can visit your friends page from your profile. 

Messages and Comments

What are Comments?

A  comment is a reply or response to a person’s Post. You can click the comment icon on another persons post to reply to it.

What are Messages?

Messages are private messages sent from one Wabitz account to another. These messages do not appear in public for anyone else to read. You can start a conversation with any of your Friends or Followers.

What is the difference between a Comment and a Message?

A Message is a public message sent regardless of follow-ship. It can be viewed by anyone, assuming your Post is Public. A Message, on the other hand, is a private message that can only be seen by the sender and recipient. 

Are Messages Encrypted?

Everything is encrypted in transit, under SSL. However, true P2P encryption requires a device to device connection and is there for usually only used for one to one messaging and is not technically possible for a web-app, such as Wabitz, because the device must be signed using a native app. True P2P encryption is something that can be found only on Apps like Signal or Telegram but not on social networking sites, such as Wabitz or even Facebook, for that very reason. That said, all of your Messages on Wabitz are transmitted using industry standard protocols that are trusted to secure even the most sensitive information, such as banking information. We take protecting your private communcations seriously.

Wabitz Policies and Reporting Violations

Does your site shadow-ban accounts?

We NEVER shadow ban accounts. In fact, we have no mechanism in place that can limit the reach of your posts. Every public post made by a user goes out to our public feed just the same as any post made by another user. And we never limit your reach to your followers. Other social networks have been known to limit the availability of Posts by users they disagree with, but we don’t. 

Does your site ever label posts as misleading or inaccurate?

No, we don’t. We ask all of our users to be honest and authentic, but what one sees as objective truth might not hold water with another. Both sides of a debate can hold honest, but drastically different, opinions. I don't think it's the duty of a technology provider to determine truth. Their sole duty is providing the platform that makes discourse happen.

What rules are in place to prevent people posting false content?

We do not have such rules. That is why our Terms of Service state that you should not rely on any of the user information posted on the service. We trust our users to do their own research and think for themselves. Why should we I the arbitrator of truth? What may be true for me, might not be true for you. So, what would qualify me to decide what is true and what is not? All truth is relative.

What if someone posts something that is an outright lie?

The Terms of Service state that you cannot use the service to conduct or promote illegal activity. So, if we are dealing with someone committing fraud or otherwise violating the law, we may take action. But we won’t remove content just because you disagree with them. Maybe you should see the question above. It might provide shed some light. But it’s my personal belief that silencing the voice of someone, just because they might be wrong, isn’t conducive to uncovering the truth.  Maybe when people can have open dialogue with one another they'll find common ground. It's my personal belief that, despite our unique differences, deep down we are all the same. Besides, when someone posts something that truly is an outright lie, there is usually someone else who is ready to point the truth out.

What if someone posts something offensive?

Well, get over it. You can’t have the right to free speech and the right to not be offended. If it bothers you that bad, you can always block the person that posted it or unfollow them. But I’m not here to regulate speech. If you want a politically correct website, there are plenty of others that are happy to serve your overly sensitive needs. This is a community of adults. Therefore, I fully expect that there will be some level of content that is only appropriate to adults.

When will you take action against an account?

We will only suspend an account when they post something that violates our Terms of Service or is otherwise illegal. Things like threats of violence and obscenity aren’t allowed anywhere on the site. We ask that users not post nudity or sexually explicit content to our Discussions, but provide significant leeway when it comes to what they post to their own profiles. You can read our complete Terms of Service for information on what we consider inappropriate. 

How do you prevent spam? And how can I report it?

We want everyone’s experience here to be a positive one, where they can freely discuss the issues of the day and express themselves openly. Spam generally lowers users overall enjoyment of the site. Therefore, we have several tools in place to prevent spam.  Additionally, you can report spam using the options found in the top right corner of each post or on the offender’s profile. While you are free to market your products and services on your own profile and to your followers, within reason, you shouldn’t use the public Discussions for advertisement and you should refrain from using private Messages to advertise your products to users that haven’t previously engaged with you.

How can I submit a complaint regarding copyright, impersonation, or trademark issues?

We encourage you to use the report buttons on the site to report content that violates the your intellectual property rights or to report a profile that is impersonating another. But because the laws are complex, with exceptions, you should review our Terms of Service to find out what constitutes a violation.