Transparency Report

We're committed to making Wabitz a place that's open and authentic, while safeguarding people's private data. We publish regular reports to give our community visibility into how we enforce policies, respond to data requests, and protect intellectual property. (Last Published 4.23.2021)

It's Your Data, Not Ours

Any personal data shared with Wabitz is encrypted using SSL for your protection, and will never never be sold to outside entities.

See and Share Your Way

Wabitz believes that social network providers shouldn't control your speech or access to information. Our tools allow you to keep your feed safe and curate your own experience.  

Freedom from Censorship

Wabitz believes in free speech. We will never remove posted content just because it offends someone. 

User Disclosure Requests

We work to protect private user information from disclosure. We will only disclose personal data about an individual when we believe there is an eminent risk of harm to the public or individual, unless compelled to do so by a regulation or lawful order. In such cases, our policy is to notify that person, if it is legal to do so. We may try to narrow the request, or in some cases, may object to producing any information at all. 

Emergency Disclosure Requests

In emergencies, law enforcement may submit requests without legal process. We have never received such a request.

Legal Process Disclosure Requests

All other requests for user information must come through a valid legal process, like a search warrant. We have never received such a request.

Classified National Security Requests

As of the date of publication of this report, we have never received a National Security Letter, FISA order, or any other classified request for user information.

Safety and Security Assured

We believe in securing your information with the highest standards. As such, we subject ourselves to third party scans to verify that our service remains free of any malware, viruses, backdoors, or other vulnerabilities.


Intellectual Property Requests

We value intellectual property rights and work to build a community that encourages people to share content lawfully. Rights holders can report different types of content that they believe infringes on their copyright or trademark. We attempt to determine the completeness and accuracy of the reports and remove infringing content, but recognize fair use exceptions. We may disable the accounts of repeat infringers.

Content Removal Requests

To date, we have had no requests to remove content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of another.

Content Removal Actions

To date, we have not received any requests for content removal. As such, no content has been removed.

Community Standards Enforcement

We want Wabitz to be a place where everyone has a voice. To an environment where people are comfortable expressing themselves, we must also protect our community’s safety, privacy, and authenticity. 

As such, our general rules are spelled out in our Terms and Conditions. Violation of those rules may result in account termination.

Community Reports Received

To date, we have not received any requests to remove the account of a user violating our community standards.

Rule Enforcement Actions

We have not had to take action on any users account for a violation of our community standards.