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I wanted to thank everyone who's been part of this beta test and signed up early. Everyone who's logged in during the beta over the last few months is getting a special badge of honor on their profile  to show the world that you were one of the first to try

Log in, and see for yourself the golden checkmark that indicates you're a trendsetter that believes in freedom. It's my way of showing appreciation to everyone who believes in this project and is your way of proving you were one of the first to adopt our platform as your very own.

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As long as you accept being caged, you will be. As long as you accept being silenced you will be. It takes courage to act. Courage to try something new. 

Wabitz is a new kind of social network, one for courageous people, where you're free to speak your mind.

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We all have something to share. Something worth giving to the world. You were born to leave your fingerprints on history. 

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Because authenticity matters, we're introducing verified badges for public figures and clearly identifying our staff with a staff badge.

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When liberties are abused, you must rise up. Sometimes, you have to take on the giants.