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Wabitz is the Freedom Speech Social Network

The Wabitz App is now available for Android!

"Much of the recent criticism surrounding the big social media platforms is that they are [no] longer the platforms for free speech that they once were....they’re more motivated than ever to control the narrative of the users, and sell their private information for a profit....Wes Upchurch decided enough was enough and set out to develop a new social media experience built on a foundation of respect for people’s rights."

From MarketWatch: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/memphis-based-information-technology-professional-launches-social-network-2021-07-13 

"Donald Trump couldn’t do it. Mike Lindell couldn’t do it. But, Wesley Upchurch did." 

The tiny upstart company has been working to create a new platform that promises to take privacy concerns seriously and allow for the free expression of opinions without limitations. 

From Digital Journal: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/social-media-users-demand-privacy-security-and-free-speech 

I set out to build a social media platform alone, but I had no idea it would be such a huge undertaking.  So, little by little, we've been adding qualified experts to our growing team. Today, we're three people strong. :-) Always Forward!

We're happy to announce that our site passed SiteLock's test. This means it's verified secure, free of malware, viruses, backdoors, and all known vulnerabilities. 

Security is something we take seriously. That's why we subject ourselves to daily scanning. 

Making Wabitz a place that you trust. Privacy is important to us. Can you honestly say that you trust the major social networks with your information? In an effort to be open and authentic, the site now features a new page on Transparancy. 

The transparency report includes information on the actions we take to protect user data and includes information on the actions we take to make the network a safe place. In addition, we are disclosing the total number og government requests for user data disclosures. Don't worry, there haven't been any. 

So, really this page contains our assurances that your information is safe with Wabitz.com and all of the relevant information to assure you that, we truly do care about your privacy, safety, and security.

Visit it here, if you want to know more: https://wabitz.com/page/transparancy
I wanted to thank everyone who's been part of this beta test and signed up early. Everyone who's logged in during the beta over the last few months is getting a special badge of honor on their profile  to show the world that you were one of the first to try Wabitz.com.

Log in, and see for yourself the golden checkmark that indicates you're a trendsetter that believes in freedom. It's my way of showing appreciation to everyone who believes in this project and is your way of proving you were one of the first to adopt our platform as your very own.

As long as you accept being caged, you will be. As long as you accept being silenced you will be. It takes courage to act. Courage to try something new. 

Wabitz is a new kind of social network, one for courageous people, where you're free to speak your mind.

We all have something to share. Something worth giving to the world. You were born to leave your fingerprints on history. 

Because authenticity matters, we're introducing verified badges for public figures and clearly identifying our staff with a staff badge.

Now, you can invite friends directly from your profile. If your friend accepts your invitation, they'll automatically become your friend. 

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