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Memphis Made, website professional. Owner of SearchResults.repair and this website. 

Pokemon TCG Player and streamer: https://youtube.com/c/TeamTriforceTCG

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Best brothers ever. :-)

What beautiful clouds. :-)

Later in the evening, rocked the amphitheater at

My parents took Taylor and I to Magic Springs Theme and Water Park . 

I was the sole person to brave America's only X Coaster. But I was still proud of my parents sand Taylor for conquering The Gauntlet. 

99.9 percent of the inmates released to home confinement by have successfully been reintegrated into society. These nonviolent offenders have reunited with families and have found employment or are attending school. wants to send them back to prison.

The family got together for my dad's 60th birthday!

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As long as you accept being caged, you will be. As long as you accept being silenced you will be. It takes courage to act. Courage to try something new. 

Wabitz is a new kind of social network, one for courageous people, where you're free to speak your mind.

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We all have something to share. Something worth giving to the world. You were born to leave your fingerprints on history. 

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Create, Share, Communicate, Inspire. Wabitz is a new kind of social network. We are focused on freedom, with enhanced privacy and security. Now in beta.

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Apparently, in this country has become one big pillow fight. 

My Pillow vs Good Pillow

People are born with beautiful potential - the potential to overcome adversity and experience life at its deepest level, by discovering love in themselves and for others. -Wes

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